The Evolution of Feast: Robots and Kiosks

Feast Automated Kiosk


We wanted to let you in our the next stage of Feast. We are currently developing a retail concept to bring our food to busy office workers - Robots! BlogTO and Metro News recently let the cat out of the bag about our automated kiosks, so we wanted to give you a bit more detail about what we’re doing. Plus, we're looking for a little feedback if you want to let us know what you think.

These aren’t the vending machines you’re used to occupying the corners of hockey rinks and being found lurking beside hotel ice machines. These are totally state of the art automated kiosks with sophisticated temperature controls, inventory management and super sweet robotic arms. Yes, robot arms!

Instead of filling these kiosks with candy bars and chips, Feast customers will get access to some of our most popular protein salads and bowls. We’ve even been testing some new dishes with nutrient-rich ingredients and tastes for the most discerning lunch palates. Everything will be served chilled with the same quality of food that you’ve enjoyed with Feast. In fact, this gives people more accessibility to Feast meals and provides us with the opportunity to carry more menu items and try out other options like breakfast, snacks and meals that can be heated.

We are pursuing this route for a few reasons:

Chef-Made is Key to Quality

We love the notion of chef-made meals and keeping the quality of our food a top priority. Our big kitchen out in Corktown is the perfect place for the chef team to produce our food and get it to our kiosks, ensuring the quality of our food is the calibre you’ve grown to expect from Feast.

24/7 Accessibility

One of the big learnings from our delivery days was that being open for a limited window was, well, limiting. We know that people want more flexibility when they are getting their lunch - whether it is picking it up on the way to work or grabbing something for the Go Train ride home. Our delivery didn’t give people these options. Now, with our automated kiosks, we can be open 24/7.

Smart Use of Technology

We love technology here at Feast. Specifically when it is used in ways that make life easier. We plan on adapting our app to give people some great features. First, we’ll have some simple stuff like rewarding loyal customers. Then we want to have some great features like checking inventory in various kiosks and ordering ahead to set your meal aside. We want to have some nice ways for people to interact with us and keep them moving about their day seamlessly.

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