Feast Retail is Open for Business

We are very happy to announce the opening of Feast’s first retail location in Royal Bank Plaza at 200 Bay.  Hopefully the first of many such locations!


When we started Feast as a special kind of meal delivery service back in spring 2015, we set out to create a unique and inspiring way to elevate the level of convenient, healthy meal options available in the TO core.  By embracing high quality ingredients, chef driven menus and a healthy respect for the environment, we set out to differentiate ourselves in a crowded delivery space.  Our love of technology and the belief that efficiency, convenience and great customer service were as important as delicious and nutritious meal offerings, were key to informing our brand DNA.


We learned a lot in our 10 months of delivering over 60,000 lunches throughout Toronto’s downtown. We heard loud and clear that people really enjoyed our food and appreciated what we stood for as a brand.  Our delivery only model, however, proved to be economically challenging and we realized that a change was in order.  


Going forward Feast’s primary focus will be in establishing and growing an exceptional grab & go retail experience, beginning in the downtown core.  Like most things that we care about, we are driven to innovate and find unique ways to improve the category for our customers. In considering their busy schedules and competing priorities, we have designed our retail experience to be streamlined and efficient, while providing a high-value offering.   Ready-made meals, 3 purchase channels and 24/7 availability are several ways we are seeking to respect your time while delivering a superior product at a great price.


Our focus remains on serving Toronto’s best healthy and delicious lunches, rooted in local, celebrating international, designed to deliver both delightful flavours and lasting sustenance.  


As we embark on this new phase of our journey we sincerely hope that you will join us in sharing a healthful future.