Changes for Feast and Our Road Ahead

Hi Feasters, we wanted to let you know that we are stopping our on-demand food delivery service as of today.

This isn’t the end of Feast, we are retooling the business to bring people our brand of healthy, creative and inspired lunches. Since we opened for service, we’ve learned a lot about how people in Toronto like to eat. And we’ve fed a lot of you. We are committed to our mission to feed busy office workers real food, so we are going to focus on how we can do it in a way that makes sure Feast will be around for a long time.

Running an on-demand service is challenging: from the technology to the food production to the service experience. Our category has undergone some challenges across North America with various delivery and virtual restaurants facing similar challenges - from much larger and well funded companies: UberEats has shut down its instant service in Toronto and other cities, Sprig shut down operations in Chicago and Munchery is cautious in the lunch delivery market. You may not know of these companies, but Feast set out on a mission to be a big player in this market, feeding people real food that’s chef-made from the highest quality ingredients.

I wanted to take the time to thank all the great people who have helped build Feast: our customers, our servers, our kitchen team, the tech guys and marketing folks. Everyone came together to create a totally new food experience the city has not seen before.

We had some great success, and I wanted to take some time to recognize what we achieved in our short 9 months in service: 1) 4.5 star rating in Google Play, Apple AppStore, Yelp and Google, 2) Fed over 15,000 hungry Torontonians, 3) Produced over 55,000 lunches (that’s a lot of bike trips), and 4) Created over 75 unique, creative and healthy menu items.

We will still be making food for our retail partners, so you will be able to find our food at Balzac's and other locations around town if you need to get your Feast fix on.

We look forward to informing you of the exciting next iteration of Feast. We will update all our customers of our activities in the coming months.

Happy eating,

Steve and the rest of your friends at Feast