Why let a little Festival get in the way of your lunch?

September 14, 2016 by Leslie
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Ah, TIFF. There’s the filmmakers, film lovers, film goers and then all those people who go nuts for Ryan Gosling. (Does this last group outnumber the aforementioned? Hey girl, think so.)

Standing in line for rush tickets, waiting with the mob for the cast of Snowden to appear, or just trying to outlast the others in your morning coffee line-up to get your Americano, already. Everyday, we’re answering your Batcalls - just give us 15 minutes to rescue the hangry.

Here’s our SMART (no-Hangry) Festival-Goer’s Tips for getting around TIFF.

1. We don’t let a road closure get in the way of your lunch.

Getting around is slower. For instance, a stretch of King Street is closed right now between Spadina and University while the Toronto International Film Festival brings together people in film.

Mmm-hmm, there’s eye candy, lots of it. Now, is it starve-worthy? Reason to go hangry while navigating the crowds? Worth waiting on longer and longer delivery times? No way. feast-bikes-street

Who, us? We actually go faster in these crowds. Why? Roads are closed to cars and streetcars. But not our bikes. And, last we checked, we're still faster than walking. Now quiet that rumble in your belly, hit the app and order. All we need is 15 minutes. Often, not even. (oh wait, that sounds bad for some reason...)

(And if you know 24 hours in advance where you want us to meet you, use our Order Ahead feature and we’ll make it a date! Just bring the red rose, we'll find you.)

2. Order to your rush line. We’ll meet you there with food. And if you’re one of the first 12 in line, you’re in (usually).

eatfeast delivery

Standing in line for rush tickets is one of the most fail-safe ways to get into the movies that sold out online. Here’s the trick: Rush the line, ie. arrive at venue before the screening starts. Ticket-holders get counted in, then comes the tally of empty seats. Hot Tip: we've read (and seen) that the first dozen in the rush line will get the thumbs-up to head inside. Other bonus: it gets you one step closer to asking that brilliant question you have for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

3. Feeling priced out of the Festival Tickets?

Us too. Between paying $27-32 per adult ticket, plus all the extra UberPools we’re riding because the 504’s not running through this ‘hood … couldn’t we all use an extra couple bucks in our pocket?

So, TIFFHACKS. Go on, use it on your next Feast lunch (order to a bench where you can stargaze; reserve your lunch and delivery window and we’ll meet you in line). Or, treat yourself to an effortless, chef-made lunch brought right to your office’s doors - and save the wandering through crowds.

Bonus: TIFFHACKS also gets you $5 off your order. Ends when the Festival ends!

Service starts at 11am. Order now..

Tell us what other emergencies we can help you with: - Remember the time you left your wallet at home? Then thought, hey! and ordered Feast from your phone. #SAVE.