Top 5 Reasons to be a Feast Bike Server Now

September 25, 2015 by Leslie
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Things are getting rolling.

We’re so proud to announce that we’ve signed the first members of the Feast delivery team: our gorgeous food delivery cargo bikes! Just look at this prototype, sweet ride.


Now all we need are bike-friendly, food enthusiasts who’ll go the extra mile to bring Feast to our customers' doors, at home and at work. Through sun, rain or sleet you’re delivering more than a quality, handcrafted meal. Think of it as a new type of restaurant experience: just a few taps away on your phone and way better than takeout.

Considering joining Feast’s team? Here’s our 5 reasons why Feast bike servers are “the better way” to navigate the 416:

There’s no downside to reducing cars and trucks on the road.

Because, traffic. Both congestion and pollution. No one likes to sit bumper-to-bumper. And, this should be a given, neither do we want to contribute any further to air pollution caused by today’s cars and trucks on Toronto streets.

We feel good while doing it.

Just think: fresh air, sun on your face, wind in your hair - who says food delivery can’t feel good? Cycling has great health benefits: staying active keeps you fit and produces dopamine which, again, makes us feel good.

We give our bike servers the best in well-designed, fantastic-looking rides.

Feast's fleet of modern, stylish Babboe City cargo bikes are easy to handle, light to ride and they were named one of Architectural Digest’s “18 Bicycles for Stylish Riding” in 2014.

We’re faster than cars.

Lunch hour or rush hour, you deftly navigate bottlenecks and congestion using all manner of laneways, slip roads and other shortcuts that cars and delivery trucks just can’t.

It’s fun.

Not every delivery will require breakneck racing through the Financial District. Think Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush. But when it does, it’s fun. And did we mention it feels good?

And the bikes.

They’re not just beautiful and fun to ride. Our low footprint fleet of cargo bikes is part of Feast’s commitment to be kind to the environment. And in a dense city like Toronto, the bike server is as fast as our cars, without the creepiness of drones.

We’re a new kind of food-service company that’s revolutionizing meal delivery. And we’re looking for people who’ll give customers more than what they've come to expect.

Think you have what it takes to be a Feast Server on wheels?

Whether it’s engaging in a chat about the dish’s creation, pointing out the local meat supplier or monitoring your delivery status and timing via our responsive technology, our bike servers will deliver a Feast experience that exceeds expectations every time - and look really good while doing it.

Apply to Work with Feast. We hope you’ll join us!