This is Feast. It’s a Fresh Approach to Meal Delivery.

July 07, 2015 by Steven Harmer, Founder and CEO
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6066813389 8c28f0ded5 z I’m pretty excited to finally introduce you to Feast. It is a totally new approach to home dinner delivery, providing healthy and delicious meals that you can eat everyday.

I created Feast because I wanted healthy alternatives to take-out and delivery food. The fast paced lives we are living today is making it tougher to sit down and enjoy a quality, home-cooked meal. I have four energetic kids under one roof. Like many busy families, we want to ensure that we all eat consistently healthy meals, but with balancing work, activities and school, it is increasingly challenging.

Feast is designed to provide a dinner alternative that is as good, or better, than what we would make for ourselves. We also design our menus with the entire family in mind.

Feast is Locally Delicious

I grew up on, and still love to visit, the family farm and I appreciate how delicious and exciting local ingredients can be. Our team of chefs at Feast love to take advantage of the unique opportunities that each local season provides. We are always tapping into the craftsmanship of local cooks for the best local recipes, whether they are skilled bakers or people who have crafted amazing chutneys or sauces. The result are menus that reflect the unique communities we serve.

Feast is Sustainable

I love nature and believe that we owe it to future generations to leave it as vibrant as possible. At Feast, we make sure we are doing our part through every one of our business practices. We use the only the cleanest ingredients and suppliers who are kind to the environment. We want to make sure that the food you eat tomorrow is supported by the actions we take today. We use only compostable packaging and environmentally friendly delivery vehicles including bicycles and electric cars.

Feast Will Serve You

We want to bring hospitality to the home by providing timely and attentive delivery. Our servers are knowledgeable about our menus and dishes and will enjoy talking to you about the food. Our technology is responsive and informs you of your delivery status and timing so that we can exceed your expectations with every Feast experience.

Feast Wants to Connect with You

Now that you have a taste of what to expect from Feast, I encourage you to sign up if you’re interested in our test period or to have us let you know when we are launching. Or, just feel free to reach out and say hello too, as we would love your input.

We look forward to serving you soon,

Steve, CEO

Image Credit: Phillip Grondin, used under Creative Commons License