This and That #3: WTF, What's the Furikake?

October 12, 2016 by Leslie
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We love anything that calls for sprinkled nori.

Here's the third in our "This and That" series - your secret's safe with us, we won't tell anyone what you don't know.

WTF?! What's the F-east F-urikake. And why you should give a F---.

We've tweeted about it, posted beautiful overhead shots of our dishes sprinkled and seasoned with it. But we thought we should take a moment to delve a little deeper into this beautiful, aromatic, umami-inducing secret weapon. (Bonus Feast credits if you can name all the dishes where we use our Furikake) furikake-photo-16-9-1280

Japanese Seasoning

Furikake (pronounced "furi-karkeh") is a blend of dried stuff that can magically turn plain white rice into a delicious lunch (or dinner) for two. There are many variations of it, and it's commonly found in stores - with whole sections of even the teeniest Japanese stores dedicated to this seasoning - but, anti-industry as we are, we make our own. Feast's Furikake is a savoury blend of bonito flakes, sesame seeds, seaweed, miso and various herbs and spices. japanese-seasonings-overhead

We use it to season sushi rice, adding crunch and bold flavour. So the next time you're staring at a bowl of "snow', consider your own pantry. If you've got some nori, sesame seeds, salt and sugar, you can make your own seaweed furikake. Just add a fried egg and you've got a meal.

In fact, it goes so well with savoury things, we highly recommend a sprinkle of the stuff on everything ranging from soups and salads to popcorn!

Wanna see us break it down?

We love anything that calls for sprinkled nori. And all the ingredients in our Furikake are, on their own, intensely umami (why you just want a bit of salt and sugar, none of that dirty synthetic stuff, like MSG).

Watch as Exec Chef, Curt Martin, shows you just what makes our Tuna Tataki Rice Bowl so mmmm-umami-rich. Tuna-Rice-Bowl-Video-Screen-Shot

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