Referring Your Friends. Now Even Easier.

July 22, 2016

Refering your friends is the easiest way to be well-fed. And fed well. It’s pretty simple how it works:

  1. You refer someone using your super special referral code
  2. This gives them $10 to spend on Feast
  3. They set up an account
  4. Once they order, you get $10 put into your account

    We’ve made it even easier to share your code, so getting your friends to furnish you with an endless supply of delicious Feasts is just one share away.

    Find your referral code in the ‘account’ section of the app. Just click on the menu on the top left, and the teal button in the menu screen.

    There it is. Your code. Marvel in all its glory.

    Tap that code and bang - that handy share thing pops up.

    Select the place you want to share. Facebook, Twitter, whatever fancy thing you’ve configured - heck, you can even share it with the office on Slack.

    We’ve written some super fancy words so you don’t even have to. We tested this sentence thoroughly so we know that people will click on it. It performed the best, trust us.

    Done, that’s it. You're on your way to getting some chow, on us. Even if you want to do it the old fashioned way - and talk to someone - I’m sure that could work too.
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