Refer a Friend - Corporate Edition

September 14, 2016 by Paul

Feast desk

You may have experienced a Feast Corporate Event. You know, where we came into your office and showed everyone how to download the Feast app, register an account and order up? Then everyone got to enjoy a delicious lunch for free? Yes, that corporate event. Ah, the memories...

Well, we like those events. People get to try out our awesome food and we get some new customers! It's a win-win. We like those events so much we'll even give you Feast credits if you refer other people to host a Feast "pop-up" at their office.

Here's how it works:

  • You email us and give us the name of the person who would be interested in hosting a Feast free lunch event.
  • We'll contact them to arrange a time/date to host the event at their office.
  • When they book an event we'll give you $25 bucks in Feast credits.

    It's that simple. Get your $25 credit here: Refer