Introducing Feast GO: A People Powered Human Delivery Experience

April 01, 2016
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Feast is known for its chef-made, healthy food that is delivered in minutes. We’ve focused on building a company that provides a high quality service experience at an affordable price, while treating the earth well. Today we announce the launch of Feast GO, a bold step forward in providing reliable and sustainable transportation for people.

Feast GO is people powered human logistics

Feast is taking advantage of our fleet of super slick Dutch cargo bikes that we use to deliver meals in record time and are utilizing them to deliver people. Our servers have become experts in navigating busy urban streets to get chef-made meals to our customers in minutes, so it is a natural extension to have people hit our app for quick and affordable personal transportation. Our custom made boxes (called GO-pods) are perfectly suited to deliver people to their desired destinations.

We took a page from the logistics companies like Uber. If you can put meals where people sit, why can’t we put people where meals go? And Feast GO was born - we’ve created the most innovative people movement system in the history of mankind. - Steve Harmer, Founder & CEO

As busy downtown streets are increasingly gridlocked, ride-sharing apps and public transit aren’t really an option when you need to get somewhere instantly. Bikes are the perfect solution to getting people around densely populated urban centres much faster.


Feast GO will save people money and time

The app is simple, you just open up the Feast app and select “Feast GO”. You’ll see the server that is closest to you and they’ll swing by and pick you up. Just jump in the custom built GO-pod and you’ll be at your destination in no time. And because we aren’t using cars, we can pass the savings to our customer who will see 40% - 60% more savings than a ride-sharing service.

Feast GO is reliable, comfortable and easy on the environment.

Feast GO is the choice for people who want to move around the city in comfort while picking a more environmentally sound choice. GO-pods were custom designed to hold food at safe temperatures, but are adjusted to either keep the rider warm or cool depending on the weather.

Feast GO launches in Toronto on April 1 and is available across Feast’s current delivery footprint. When the icon is on the home screen of the Feast app, the service is available for customers to enjoy.

Happy riding. feast-go-high-res-2

Happy April Fools! To date, Feast has not officially launched Feast GO. But who knows? And hey, MobileSyrup loved Feast GO - so much that they put us in their April Fools' Day 2016 Roundup.