How Feast Delivers Your Food For Less than Our Competitors

March 04, 2016

Here at Feast, we're often asked: When do you plan to introduce delivery fees? The short answer to that: "Never" (we hope).

Currently, most companies doing food delivery charge fees. For example, (at the time of posting) UberEats charges $4.99 for regular delivery, or $2 on its Instant Delivery menu. And then JustEat is just confusing with delivery charges and minimum order amounts as they are different restaurant to restaurant.


Us? Nothing. No charge for delivery. Why?

Here’s how we do it:

1. We Serve a Very Populated Area

Toronto has a lot of people, who knew? In fact, nearly 500 thousand people work in the downtown core. That’s a lot of people riding Go Trains and living in condos! The more people who are around, the more deliveries we make, the less it costs us to make them happen. Simple math.

2. We Have Our Own Kitchen and Delivery People

In the ol’ food tech world this is called ‘full stack’. This just means that we control the whole process from beginning to end. We make money on food. It also gives us lots of ability to manage our costs and pass the savings onto our customers. If we were just a delivery company, we’d have to charge you for delivery. But we aren’t. So there.

3. We Are Pedal and Electric Powered

In building our delivery fleet, we’ve opted for more sustainable options. Our bikes are custom Danish cargo bikes that can hold lots of food. And our cars are super sweet BMW i3 electric vehicles. We don’t have a lot of crazy maintenance costs to burden us.

So that’s how we do it.

If you want to guarantee that we'll never charge for delivery, just tell your friends to order Feast. The more people who order, the faster and more efficient we become and the more reason for us to keep passing those savings onto you.