Healthier Dessert Options from Feast. Oh Yeah...

August 29, 2016


It all began with a rabbit. The cute little animal is responsible for Sweets From The Earth. The rabbit-turned-rabbit-stew made then 7 year old Ilana into a vegetarian for life. In a meat-loving family, this industrious kid learned to love animal-free cooking...then baking.

Fast forward. As a vegan, Ilana wasn’t going to give up delicious, decadent desserts. At Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts she learned the craft and science of baking in pastry school mastering the art of making sweet things with no animal bi-products. Et voila, Sweets from the Earth was born.

Feast Executive Chef Curt Martin gives the nod to this impressive natural baking company and impressive ethos. “Ilana is ticking all the boxes. We decided to give our Feast customers both our from scratch Feast decadent and delicious desserts and a fabulous gluten-free or nut free vegan option from a trusted source.”

Here’s the Sweets from Earth Line up you can try through Feast:

This popular cookie is packed with vegan marshmallows and chocolate. Enjoy all the decadent goodness of your favourite campfire treat, no flames required. You can read more about it here.

Week of Sept 12 and 19: Gluten Free Hello Dolly $3.50

They’ve taken this classic and given it a healthy spin. Say hello to the chewy goodness of coconut, caramel and chocolate on a house-made spelt graham cracker crust. Check it out.

Week of Sept 26: Gluten Free Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar $4

Natural peanut butter and maple syrup give these chocolatey, nutty bars their signature chewiness. They’re absolutely fudgetastic — with just the right amount of sweetness. Read more.

All sweets from SFTE are handmade in small batches using the finest 100% plant based ingredients, all dairy and egg free, vegan, zero trans fats, GMO free, no refined sugars...and delicious. Shoot he chefs a note and let us know what you think.