Go West: 4 Reasons Why Feast is Coming to Liberty Village

March 23, 2016

Liberty Village Launch

Feast is Toronto’s only local on-demand food company. Feeding the great people of this city with a few taps on their phones, we're launching W.O.B. (West of Bathurst) on March 28.

Sure, Liberty Village gets a bad rap for being kind of disconnected from the downtown core, but we say pushah to that. Here's why we love the 'hood.

1. Access

Some people say Liberty Village is hard to access with limited streets to get in there. But our cargo bikes have no problems with that. We slip down Richmond and weave on Wellington and presto, we’re in there!

It’s nice, and leisurely, to ride around all those side streets and we never have to curse the 504.

2. Bellwoods Brewery is Close

So when you want to sit back and enjoy a nice Feast dinner (or lunch), there is nothing better than enjoying a nice cold Roman Candle with it. Just slip up to Ossington and you're good to go. And there's the Beer Store and LCBO if you don’t want to walk too far.

3. Metro is Great, But...

So it’s really awesome to get a prepared meal from Metro, but you can do better. We want to feed the people of Liberty Village with our menu designed by Feast's Executive Chef, Curt Martin. You know him from The Harbord Room, Byblos and that little bar called The Drake Hotel). Everything's housemade and handcrafted with the best local and seasonal ingredients. You deserve it.

4. We Like Trains

If you don’t like trains there is something wrong with you. Nothing like hanging on the Dufferin bridge and watching trains leaving the city with a cortado in hand and sun setting, knowing that you’re home.

We’re open for lunch at 11am and dinner 5:00pm daily. Download the app and order up. Check out our service area to see if you're in the zone. And if not, just drop us a line and let us know you want some Feast.

Happy eating.