Feast’s SVP Food tells Cityline: “There’s really no excuse to not eat healthy anymore.”

February 10, 2016 by Leslie
food, chefs, delivery, service, did you know

We welcomed Cityline's cameras into our home and our very own Trish Magwood gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at our Corktown kitchen.

“I think we're conscious about healthy eating: as a country, as a city, as a community," she states.

"We have all of the information now, so whether it's small kids, young parents or our parents, there's really no excuse to not eat healthy anymore."

Trish takes us through Feast's Farm-to-App-to-Table concept. And the video lets you see Feast at work (and some of the faces behind the delicious food and delivery experience you've come to love).

Which is to say, there's no excuse not to spend the minute to watch this segment.