Feast Wants You to DIY Your Next BIG Lunch

September 01, 2016 by Leslie
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"Sometimes it's just faster when I do it myself." There, I said it.

Telling someone how to do it, when in the time it takes to say (or type) it, you could have done it yourself? And posted your #IGdaily #foodstagram?? Everyone's said it.

That’s why this post is dedicated to all the DIY-ers + Type A's who know what they want for lunch and just need a spot to fire off the order and be done with it - knowing you'll always get amazing food quality and presentation, reliable delivery, superb service and creative, tasty dishes. We built all of this for you! IMG 6224

Here's our step-by-step on How to D.I.Y. Your Next Big Lunch (everything you need to know and, pssst, it's as easy as shopping for anything online).

1. Choose your Feast-Style.

Choose a category: Salad & Sandwich Combos. Go bigger with Family-Style Platters or keep things simple with a selection of straight-up Sammies. Don't forget about Sweets + Beverages. Catering Online - Choose your Feast Style

Casual war room, or client pitch? Either way, we're the Idris Elba of food (and if you have no idea what we're talking about, look him up; search using "street" - dude is suave).

2. Make your selections.

Go on, don't be shy. Choose Herb de Provence Roasted Chicken, or go Jerk; pair with sides and salads; select any additional sandwiches ... Go bigger, get higher. No one's watching. Catering Online - Salad and Sandwiches Combos

3. You can even add a special note to our Chefs.

Here's where you note special dietary restrictions/allergies, request modifications or ask about whether we can suggest a vegan option (which we do!).

Notes like these are also fun: “Dear Chef Curt, I loved eating your food and staying 'til close at The Harbord Room. P.S. It's my birthday today”.

Or, tell us how we're doing:

"I just wanted to follow up to say how blown away everyone here at CBC was with the food! The biggest comment was that so often salads taste the same, and that yours had such distinct and delicious flavour and so many components. Blown away." - Leslie, CBC

4. Almost done. Always review your order.

Have I got the right numbers? Did I cover off a gluten-free option for Derek? Oops, forgot to include some sparkling waters (add 20). Catering Online - Your cart

5. Well, why not order some more.

Those Lemon Blueberry Bars you love, the Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry Brownies that moves your client ever closer to saying yes. Or order one more so you can thank Ernie from IT who helped you load that deck this morning. Just click "Continue Shopping" to top up.

6. Checkout. Pay, sit back and wait.

That's it. You're done. Now you've successfully ordered, check that off your To-Do's list and enjoy your pour-over.

So simple. Don't get us wrong, we still want to hear from you so if we have questions (or you) we can still be in touch. Or, if you have some extra lead time, or want a more "bespoke" option, email catering@eatfeast.com to speak with our Chefs about custom menus.

Get started. Set up your company account.


That's not all. We've also got a great program for employees who want to order Feast, on the company's dime. Not joking, it exists and our clients haven't been happier.

Or, just tell us what you're watching on Netflix these days: hello@eatfeast.com.