Feast Launches Employee Meal Subsidy Program

May 30, 2016

Feast desk Feeding employees is a perk that's offered by lots of organizations. It is often touted that meal programs have lots of benefits, from helping improve communication around the office to keeping people focused on the task at hand.

Here at Feast, we believe that people should be eating healthy and wonderful lunches and dinners. We also think that giving staff the choice and ability to order on their own terms is something that is highly valuable.

Feast has developed a meal subsidy program to help with this - utilizing our core app, speedy delivery and some great tools to help make this program a snap for office managers and organizers.

Here's how it works:

Load Up the Accounts

Just give us a list of people and we load up their account with the credits and frequency you want to provide - Whether it is a $20 daily per diem or $10 for lunches on specific days of the week. We do it for you - easy peasy.


Your staff use Feast to order like they regularly would. The credits are in their account and they use their own credit card to manage any overages or costs incurred. Employees can access Feast through iOS and Android apps, and even online at eatFeast.com - so nobody is left out. If they are ordering dinner, they can order ahead. There are no cut-off times to worry about when placing orders.


The food comes fast. Our average delivery time is about 15 minutes, with many coming in under 10 minutes from the time you order. People won't go hungry and they get to meet our friendly servers curbside. Enjoy.


Now this is the exciting part! We can get the accounting information right to you in the format you need it. In fact, we can send it right to accounting so you never even have to look at it. Unless you love accounting, then we'll definitely send it to you.


More choice is more happiness. People get to pick the dishes they want and know that they are eating great quality food, handcrafted with the best ingredients.

So if you're looking at alternative ways to feed your staff or are considering ways to get employees healthier meals - look at app subsidy programs. They're flexible and offer people choice. Just shoot us a note at largeorders@eatfeast.com or download our program overview.