5 Reasons why the Feast $5-for-5 Program is Pretty Awesome

July 18, 2016

$5 for 5

We like to show our loyal customers how much we love them. What better way than to give you credits toward more food when you order! Introducing our $5 for 5 program: when you order 5 times, we give you $5 in Feast credits.

It’s pretty simple: We count your daily orders. Once you have 5 orders on different days we'll add the credit. It doesn't have to be during the same week or the same dishes - order whatever you like. After you earn your $5, it starts all over again so you can keep earning and earning and earning.

5 Reasons Why the $5-for-5 Program is Great

1. No Paper Card

A lot of loyalty programs make you carry around an old fashioned paper card and collect stamps. Because that’s what people want, another card that they can carry around with them wherever they go, it’s just so much fun and convenient [sarcasm].

2. You Earn Fast

A lot of loyalty programs make you order 10 times or more before you get anything back. We think getting stuff a bit faster is better, so you see the results of your ordering quickly. Hence, 5 orders = $5 bucks.

3. You Do Nothing

We don’t think that you should have to track your own activity - after all, you are the customer. That’s why you don’t have to do a thing - just sit back and order and we’ll let you know when you’ve earned your $5 and when we’ve added the credit. It's like we're in the service business or something.

4. You Eat Feast Food

This is kind of a no-brainer, but you get eat our brand of healthy and high quality dishes. We have some fantastic dishes like our Tuna Tataki Rice Bowl, Steak Cobb Salad and Chipotle Chicken Bowl.

5. You’ll See a Friendly Feast Server 5 Times

Our servers are some of the nicest people around. We did an analysis recently and statistically, a Feast server makes your day 100% better. You can’t argue with math.

Tell us what you think. We love hearing from our customers - if you like the program or would like to see changes to it. Let us know at hello@eatfeast.com.