4 Reasons Why Feast is Bringing Service Back to Food Delivery

January 25, 2016 by Feast
Delivery, Customer Service, Food, Toronto

Feast-bike-server Delivery services has never been synonymous with high-calibre service. It's really just been a utility to get something from point A to point B. Here at Feast, we asked ‘Why’? Why can't food delivery be synonymous with an amazing service experience?

Here are the reasons why we’re bringing service back:

It's never existed.

Here, let me Google it: "high-end-food-delivery-service". There are a smattering of companies doing this, and none in TO. This isn’t good enough. If you're willing to use our services, we don't want you to have a good transaction. We want to give you the best experience possible. That means great service: people who smile, people who give a damn about your experience, people who care. Go ahead, your turn to Google ‘high end food delivery service’ and come back.

#DeliveryFail is a thing.

More and more, people are getting items delivered to them on a daily basis. Everything from food to books to car parts. This is great, but it is also driving up the amount of times people are having horrible delivery experiences. When you search for people’s #DeliveryFail's, there are tons of instances where you can see issues with current delivery. Evidence, you ask? How about this goodie MarketingLand found. We need to make sure that as more items are being delivered, customer service stays at the highest level.

Food delivery and restaurant experience are polar opposites.

Mind blown. The experience in a restaurant is pretty much holy at most places. Staff are friendly, they know about the food, they check to make sure you have the right stuff and they can do something if there is a problem.

With food delivery today, it’s highly transactional: no pleasantries, the people delivering your food are there for utility. But why is this the case?

eatfeast delivery

We believe that the food delivery experience should be at the same calibre as restaurant service. Or at the least, somewhat of a pleasant experience. At Feast, we make sure that our servers know about the product they are serving. We want them to have a perspective on the food so that if you as a customer want to ask a question, they can talk to you about their own experiences and help you as much as possible.

You deserve it.

You are paying good money to get great service. If you are committing to Feast, we want that experience to be the best possible. Not just fast. Not just great food. But also with people who are there to make sure that you know just when to stir in that gremolata - and take that lunch from being fine to fantastic.

Let us know what your Feasts have been like. We’re always trying to improve on what we’re doing, so tell us! Any feedback is welcome.