3 Ways Feast Parks Our Phones to Take Road Safety Seriously

May 13, 2016

Here at Feast, we don’t hurt people. It’s a thing and it's generally good for our business. We are extremely focused on saftey and it's one of the main reasons that we have an accident free saftey record.

This week is National Road Safety Week and as a company that has lots of people in cars and on bikes, we thought we would share 3 ways we help our servers focus their eyes on the road and not on their phones.

1. Park Your Phone

The best way to avoid accidents is to avoid your phone when driving and riding. It’s a simple premise.

We rely heavily on mobile technology to communicate with our servers; sending them instructions for orders and mapping where they need to go. So they need their phones, but they need to use them responsibly while managing deliveries. Much of our training is focused on the appropriate use of mobile technology to make sure our servers are focused on the road, and not on their phones.

We partner with Park Your Phone to help reinforce this message to our servers and our customers, as well as making sure that we are adopting the best practices in our training methods and policies. Park Your Phone has a simple message and product: get your phone out of sight and out of mind. If your phone isn’t around, then you won’t be tempted to look. Sometimes, the simplest approach is the best.

Park your phone in feast car

2. One Order at a Time

We focus our servers on the task at hand. We don’t try to burden them to look at all the orders that are coming in, instead we cue up the order they need to focus on and fulfill. This really helps on two fronts: 1) our servers only need to think about the one place they need to be. They aren’t trying to plan in their head and worry about the next 20 orders coming up. And 2) they aren’t stressed. If they are worrying and planning, this could lead to anxiety and stress which may make them want to constantly check their devices.

3. Really Good Technology

If our servers are rushed, they might want to break some of the rules and sneak a peek at their devices. Our technology is the backbone to our delivery operations. Our tech maps the fastest routes with the ideal servers as customers' orders are coming in, real-time. Each order maps the route that focuses on ordering density and time, so our servers don’t have to move that far to get food in the hands of our customers. The more we can use technology to simplify the life of our servers, they won’t be tempted by the technology that causes distracted driving problems.

As a business that puts people on the road every day, we need to do our part to ensure we are making sure the roads are safe. As any Torontonian knows, driving and cycling can be a dangerous task especially as distractions increase, both within the car and outside of it, so servers are trained to focus on the task at hand which is getting to their next destination safely. We don’t want to hurt anyone and we hope the other riders and drivers out there are focused on safety, as opposed to a text message or Snapchat story.

Happy eating, riding and driving.